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Aircraft Docking Systems

Aircraft Docking Systems

Equipment, working platforms and docking systems for civil and military aircraft and helicopters, weapon systems and space technolog. Fitting to complex contours of engines, rotors and tail units. Safe, optimum and swift access. High flexibility and variabilty. Reduction of downtimes.

Most often a docking system is made of dozens of individually moved modules or docks to be placed around an aircraft to perform its maintenance.

But the user needs that all these modules or docks be perceived as one single overall station with coordinated shapes around the aircraft and movements designed to reduce the time lost for getting out and entering into the docking station.

Project management is organized in the following phases:

  • Overall system design and breakdown into modules,
  • Functional design of the modules or docks by means of an experienced and specialized design office using a 3D CAD software and standard elements library,
  • Design review with the customer to verify that his need has been perceived in all details,
  • Detailed design,
  • Manufacturing, including factory pre-assembly for technological and safety quality control,
  • Partial de-assembly, transportation and final assembly at the customer’s premises,
  • Final acceptance tests, training and documentation.

Aircraft docking systems for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Docking systems by ZARGES – nose to tail for civil and military aircraft.

The system includes several small modules suitable for multi- or single aircraft types, narrow- or widebodyaircraft. Design and configuration depending on the customer requirements and with optimum fit to the specific contours such as engines and tail shape.

Dock No. A319 A320 A321 B737-900
Nose Dock 1LH/RH X X X X
Fuselage module 2LH/RH X X X
Fuselage module 3LH/RH X X X X
Fuselage module 4LH/RH X X X X
Fuselage module 5LH/RH X X X
Fuselage module 6LH/RH X
Fuselage bridge 7 X X X X
Wing dock-outboard 8LH/RH X X X X
Wing dock-inboard 9LH/RH X X X X
Wing dock-inboard 10LH/RH X X X X
Tail dock 11LH/RH X X X X


Nose docks

Docking systems by ZARGES – nose to tail for civil and military aircraft. Single- or double-section solutions for access to the windshield, radome, PAX doors, nose wheel well and electronic bays.

Fixed-height dock with 2 levels for A320 family

Fixed-height dock for A330/A340 with foldable passenger access platform

Fuselage Docks

One-level or two-level solutions for access to windows, emergency exits and cargo bays. Sliding panels for ideal contour adjustment.

Fuselage dock including bridge; fixed height with 2 levels for A320 Family

Docking system A320

Wing docks

Outboard docks for access to the leading and trailing edge, engine, extrados and intrados and wing tips. Inboard docks for access to wheel well, engine, flaps and leading edge.

Two-piece wing dock for A300 with fixed height and media technology

Wing dock for C130 Hercules with fixed height

Engine docks

One-level or two-level solutions. Sliding panels by hand crank or manual operation for ideal contour adjustment.

Engine/propeller dock for C130 Hercules

Height-adjustable engine dock for CL300,605, Global Express

APU docks

Brace-free design with sliding panels to open or close the platform. Gap in the middle allows lowering of parts/APU and direct loading by fork lift from the floor.

APU dock for A300

APU level of tail dock for B737

Horizontal stabiliser docks

Brace-free design with access to vertical stabilisers and ergonomic inclination of the working area. For tail-in configuration, docking and de-docking without moving the dock.

Fixed height dock for A300

Modular system on B737

Tail docks

Cantilever design with access to horizontal and vertical stabilisers, rudder, APU and rear passenger door. For tail-in configuration, docking and de-docking without moving the two modules.

Height-adjustable tail dock for B737 and A320 family with crane and media supply

Height-adjustable tail and engine dock for Bombardier CRJ900

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Reference projects of Docking Systems:

Civil Aircraft:

Dt. Post AG:
B757 Docking System,A300f Docking System,
Austrian Airlines:
Tail Dock und Engine Dock CRJ
Nose Dock A330/A340 und B767/B777
Stabilizer Dock A330/A340
Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services:
Engine Dock CRJ
British Midland Airways Ltd.:
Tail Dock A319, A320, A321
SR Technics Switzerland:
Nose Dock A330, A340 / Tail Dock A319, A320, A321
Adria Airways:
Engine Dock CRJ

Military Aircraft:

  •  Eurofighter Docking System, EADS Dtl. GmbH 
  •  Eurofighter Docking System, Training Centre 
  •  Hercules C-130 Docking System, Austrian Airforce 
  •  Hercules C-130 Docking System, Belgian Airforce 

Project References:

B747, B757, B737, B767, B777, A300, A310, A320, A330, A340

ATR42-72, ERJ170-190, ERJ 145, CRJ100-900, CRJ DASH800

MIRAGE2000, RAFALE, C130 Hercules, C160 TRANSALL, AWACS, C135 Tanker,     BELL412, A129, AW139, NH90, EC120, EC155

Customer References:

Air France (Paris, France), Sabena Technics (Brussels, Belgium, Bordeaux, France, Dinard, France), Iberia (Madrid, Spain), Saudi Arabian Airlines (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), TAP (Lisbon, Portugal), Meridiana (Sardinia, Italy), Tunis Air (Tunis, Tunisia) Royal Air Maroc (Casablanca, Morocco), Air Algérie (Algiers, Algeria), Air Canada (Montreal, Canada), Aeroframe Services (Louisiana, USA), French Air Force (Orléans & Evreux & Clermont-Ferrrand & Lorient & Cuers, France), Austrian Airways (Vienna, Austria), Air New Zealand (Auckland), Airbus (Saint Nazaire & Toulouse, France)